The town is linked to the rest of the country and neighbouring towns with tarred roads, whilst gravel roads provide direct access to the towns of Otavi and Kalkfeld.

Although Outjo is linked to the National railway network, the railway is not operational yet. Roads transport handles the loads to and from Outjo.

The town is linked to the automation and cellular telephone systems and Telecom landlines, with internet and email networks available. All the relevant ministries are concentrated to town.


Educational institutions: Four Primary- and three Secondary schools with one Junior, two Senior and one Private Hostels are established in town.


Information on schools in Outjo

Name of the school No. of learners/pupils No. of Teachers          Average  L/T
Outjo Secondary School 599           26                                23
Outjo Primary School 550           21                                 27
Jack Francis Primary School 870           29                                30
Moria Private School (combined school) 207           17                                 13
Etoshapoort Junior Secondary School 250           10                                 25
Maarssen Primary School 522          20                                 27
TOTAL 2998           123                              25


 Newly opened, Maarssen Primary School

Hospitals: Two State Hospitals with one clinic and an old age home and one Consulting room with two Private Doctors are established in town.

Newly build Social HousesNewly upgraded State Hospital in town


Housing: The town accommodates households totaling to 2400 of which Outjo consist of 970and Etoshapoort 1430. Informal Settlement area is consisting of 1057 erven.


Water: The water is not supply by Namwater and the Municipality have got his own water sources (boreholes) from which it supply bulk water for the town. There are currently 5 bore of the seven bore holes in operation and is withdrawn from an average depth of over 100m and transferred through a rising main network to the bulk water storage facility in town. The bulk water storage facility consist of two 900m³ concrete reservoirs and an elevated tower storage facility with an approximate size of 110m³.


Community Prepaid Water Standpipe in Informal Settlement Area. 50 Standpipes installed in this area.



Water Tower with 2 Reservoirs supplying water to the town.


Electricity: Is been supply by Cenored company of which the Council is also a shareholder.


Land: Currently serviced land is not available and we are busy with the development of new extensions in Outjo:

Þ    Outjo Extension 4 – 244 Erven (High income area)

Þ    Etoshapoort Extension 5 – 251 Erven (Middle to low income area)

Þ    Etoshapoort Extension 6 – 169 Erven (Low income area)

Þ    Shark Dwellers Federation (SaamStaan) Phase 2 – 99 Erven


Roads: The road network consisting of the roads covering 51.5km of which 21km is tarred roads and 30.5km gravel roads (gravel road include Informal Settlement area and Shack Dwellers Federation area).


Airstrip: The gravel airstrip (aerodrome) is the most used in the Kunene Region and is registered with Civil Aviation, which is satisfied with the two beacons, being the Channel 7 beacon and the Reservoir (water tower) beacon.


Sewerage systemThe sewerage network consists of full bore gravity drainage system, connected to a series of pump stations. The whole system drains towards the oxidation ponds,

located in the lower south-western part of the town. A total of 240 erven are still being serviced with a sewerage tanker with suction pump system.


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