TOWN PLANNING: NEW EXTENSIONS OUTJO EXTENTION 4 244 Erven New Residential erven in process, will be on the Agenda of Township Board for approval on 15 March 2016.
ETOSHAPOORT EXT. 5 251 Erven New Residential (Low cost housing) & Business erven in process, will be on the Agenda of Township Board for approval, on 15 March 2016. 
ETOSHAPOORT EXT. 5 169 Erven New Residential (Low cost housing), maps layout already approved by Council, awaiting the finalization of Environmental impact Assessment.
SHARK DWELLERS FEDERATION (SAAMSTAAN) PHASE 2 99 Erven Maps & Layout already approved by Council, in process of connection of services.


HOUSING: Construction of 34 Social houses for pensioners Houses 95% completed, sewerage & water connections will be completed by end of March 2016 and houses will be handed over to Beneficiaries.
53 Build Together houses Started in 2011/12 – 51 houses completed, 2 still under construction.
53 Build Together houses Started in 2012/13 – 48 houses completed,5 still under construction.





  • Outjo Extension 4 comprises of 246 erven and remainder as depicted on Drawing W/13094 – 2.
  • Residential Component: A total of 231 residential erven will be created, mostly high income erven. The sizes of the residential erven ranges from ±700m2 to ±1000m2 in extent.
  • The layout makes provision for 7 General Residential with densities of 1:150 erven with an erf size ranging between ±1400m² being the smallest to ±7100m² being the largest erf. These erven is ideal for the construction of block of flats and or townhouses and for the construction of student accommodation as it some of the General Residential erven is adjacent to the Institutional zoned erven.  
  • Two (2) Institutional erven has been planned for in this extension. Erven 94 and 240 (institutional erven) has been created that can either be used as a crèche, church or similar activity.


ext4 largejpg



  • The area identified for establishing Etoshapoort Extension 5 is largely undeveloped land and a ‘Greenfield’ site planning approach can be adopted.
  • The new neighbourhood, which is to comprise of approximately 201 erven, is to be established Consolidated Portion “Z”.
  • The layout makes provision of 181 new single residential erven which will have a density of 1:450 as well as 11 General Residential erven with a density of 1:150.
  • In addition to the residential component one large General Business erf has also been created in the layout which will accommodate the envisaged shopping centre in Outjo.
  • One institutional erf has been planned for that can be used for a church, kindergarten or crèche with a public open space adjacent to the property which can be developed into a neighbourhood park. In total 7 Public Open Spaces has been planned for in the layout that either accommodates the rivers that crosses the area or that can be developed into neighbourhood parks.


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