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Cllr. Samuel !Oë-Amseb

Mayor of Outjo

First Acceptance Speech 

I want to read psalm 127 two verses thereoff. I read: unless the lord builds the house, the builders labour in vain. Unless the lord watches over the city, the guards stand watch in vain. In vain you rise early and stay up late, toiling for food to eat, for he grants sleep to those he loves.

Afrikaans:  as die here die huis nie bou nie, tervergeefs werk die wat daaraan bou, as die here die stad nie bewaar nie, tervergeefs waak die wagters. Tevergeefs dat julle vroeg opstaan, lat opbly, brood van smarte eet, net so goed ge hy dit aan sy beminde in die slaap.


Honourable councilors i am humbled by your trust and confidence in me to lead this council and people of outjo for the next 12 months as the mayor. It is with great humility that i thank my colleagues both at party level and council for this honour bestowed on me to serve as mayor of outjo. I am humbled because i have not come to this champers two years ago to be a mayor but a member of council to serve the people irrespective from which capacity. I knew the task is very big and expectations are very high to deliver the promised prosperity to the residents of outjo.

As we publicly took on the responsibity on 04th december 2015, we collectively did so with a resolve to inspire our residents irrespective of their tribe, political or religious affiliations with desire to look into the future with hope. We were egually cognizant that their demand for total commitment and hardwork from us, as their elected leaders was genuine, as this would translate into positive changes to their social standing. Our leadership agenda was and is still therfore driven by a total commitment to address issues of bread and butter and improve the quality of life of our residents including those in informal settlement by ensuring provision of clean water to each house, electricity connection to each house, sanitation, housing and job creation.

Honourable councilors and colleagues i knew the road ahead of us is unpredictable and not easy. But i have confidence in god as i read few minutes ago that if we build outjo with him the almighty all things are possible.  However the productivity of each and every staff member is of essence to achieve our set goals based on council startegic plan, swapo party election manifesto 2014 and harambee prosperity plan. I have observed during the past 24 months that technogrates wants us to micro managed the administration of which they are responsible. As councilors we have much bigger challenges to bring development to outjo. We don`t want to micro management but if council resolutions are not implement due to poor management we shall not think twice to take action against the ceo, what he does with those below his level is his decision.

Our role is to make policies, take decisions, promote and market outjo to attract potential investors. Technogrates duty is to ensure effective and efficient administration at all levels including management of staff performance.  We shall not tolerate any unperformance and financial leakages on the expense of those who settle their monthly accounts monthly.

Fellow councilors rest assured that no idea or plan as set and sperheaded by this team under leadership of former mayor shall be forgotten during the next 12 months. Remember that we have a dream as team prosperity and that dream is to turn Outjo into an eduction and tourism hub. It is against this background that we have set priorities for 2018. Whih are not in particular order as fellow;

  • Completion of nimt project by addressing all bottle necks. This project is at the advance stage to commence with renovation.
  • Servising of extentions 4, 5 & 6 to make service land available to potential buyers. To this end i am happy to announce that the serving of land for extension 4 will commence this year very soon through a ppp (public private partnership. The serving of land for extensions 5 & 6 are at the advance stage.
  • Provising of clean water to all residents particularly the informal settlement. This project is at adavance stage through constituency office support to provide water to informal settlement.
  • Reduction of current outstanding debt of 30m. The workshop was concluded followed by strategic paln review on which we have resolved very important road map.
  • Ensuring that ium open its doors in outjo. Council has offered a house for ium to commence its short term training immidiatly.

What i just mention will require our collectve and aggressive lobby to address hazels facing these prioirty areas. I don`t want to hear that projects are delayed because of financial situation we are facing. We should be smart in our approach to get out more with limited resources. We should be smart in our approach to attract potential investors to our beautifull town. No excuse for not implementing council resolutions which are aim to excelerate local economic growth. We should be smart to maximized limited resources to our disposal to achieved greater goals for development. We can`t pride us self to be achieving something while our people in informal settlemt don`t have running toilets, water to each house, electricity to each house. We can`t be proud while our young people don`t have recreation facilities. We can`t rest while our people are unemployed. Let us all work together in the spirit of harambee as councilors and technogrates to turn our town into education and tourism hub.

Honourable councilors, the head of state dr hage geingob was very clear in his new year message that we as public organization should improved our service delivery to the people whom we serve. It is our duty as 3rd level government to deliver quality and affortable service to the residents of outjo. No investor should wait his/her response for a day after application has been rceived by us. Gone are the days applicants has to wait months and months without any response from us. This has a potential to scared away potential investors. The administrative systems to response profesionaly to applicants should be strenthen. We are the ones looking for investors to create strong local economy where people of outjo will find employment, as such we should be profesional in our approach to acknowlege within two days any letter received/application by the council. All systems and mecahnims as identified during stratgic plan review last year must be put in motion to reduce current outstanding debt of 30m by consumers to council with immidiate effect. There are other many residents, businesses and churhes loyal to honour theier accounts monthly and those who fail to pay theier accounts deprive those loyal residents, busineses and churhes of receiving quality service and much needed development. It is disturbing to note that some of this residents, churhes and businesses continue to enjoy council services dispite their accounts not paid for many months.

Fellow councilors and senior staff of outjo municipality. We can`t relax while our people in informal settlement don`t have water in their houses, flation toilets in their houses and electricity in their houses and sanitation. We can`t relax while our young people don’t have recreation facilities, we cant relax while our future generation the young people don’t have vocational training facilities and terciary education in outjo. We cant be sleeping and resting in comfort while people of outjo is hungry for life changing development aiming to create jobs. We can`t be proud while streets of outjo are dirty. We can`t rest while our peole don’t have service land.

Irrespective of what i have mentioned above as success or challenges we shall as residents of outjo overcome them. Therfore i am appelaing to all couniclors, the regional councilors office,  all staff of outjo municipality and all the residents of outjo, for us to unite to build outjo as children of namibian house in the spirit of harambee. Irrespective of our cultural background, religious background and political afilaition. We need each other to cntribute to the success story of outjo. It is imperative that we burry our differences, focus on the same direction, use our energy and diversity to build our outjo for current and future generations.

To former mayor

Allow me now to thank the former mayor my predecessor Hon Governor Marius Sheya for outstanding leadership he has rendered to the people of outjo as the mayor of this town during the past 24 months. I solute you comrade for your selfless comittment and dedication for laying a sound and solit foundation for me to build on. You will remain in our hearts and forts for many, many years when we see or touch fire station, read strategic plan, benefit from mayoral prosperity fund, meet as councilors at kunene local authority forum, receiving messages from corporate emails, browsing council website and the new fleet. Although it is a collective achivedment it is worth noting that it happens in your leadership as the principle head of the council of outjo. As the Mayor is at the centre of system of governance as precribed in the local authorities act (act no 23 of 1992). Thank you and we wish you god wisdom, sterngh and good health to lead the people of kunene. We pledge our full support s the municpal council and people of outjo to you. I would like to thank the head of state h.e dr hage geingob for appointing you as our regional governor. We have confidence in you that things will not be the same.


I want to end with usual quote by mahatma gandhi as adopted by former mayor for team prosperity. Quote “be the change that you wish to see in the world or outjo” end of quote:

Finally i would like to congratulate outjo high school for best regional performance grade 10 & 12 results for 2017 academic year. I wish you all a productive and very successful year 2018. May god bless africa, may god bless namibia, may god bless outjo, may god bless us all. May god bless peope of outjo.

I thank you


His Worship Samuel !Oë-Amseb


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